Boehner vs. Pelosi on Private Jet Snafu

For at least a week, Pelosi and Boehner have argued quietly over changes to the ethics package passed during the first hours of the 110th Congress.

"Democrats went on a legislative binge at the beginning of this Congress and now they're waking up with a hangover as to what they have done," one GOP aide remarked.

The timing of the disagreement may only serve to strengthen Boehner's resolve. Conservative Republicans are renewing their pledge to tackle bloated earmark spending as the March 16 deadline for earmark requests to the House Appropriations Committee approaches.

The standoff could continue indefinitely, except that a bipartisan group of angry lawmakers is pressuring their leaders to resolve the matter.

Many of the members affected by the jet provision, including Reps. Issa, Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) and Robin Hayes (R-N.C.), are infuriated by the lack of progress. In Peterson's case, he decided to be better safe than sorry and has stopped flying his own plane, a single-engine four-seat Beechcraft Bonanza.

"This has been really frustrating," Peterson said. "And my constituents are outraged. There was a letter to the editor [in the local paper] saying I should change parties over this because the Democratic leaders don't seem to know how to legislate..."

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