TSA Begins Exploring Airport Checkpoint Of The Future

The desire for improved screening comes as the flow of passengers is increasing through the nation's airports while their patience and tolerance for service interruptions is decreasing.

Hawley also said that TSA would soon be rolling out active millimeter wave imaging technology to be pilot tested at airports for screening passengers for explosives and weapons. The active millimeter wave technology is non- ionizing and doesn't present the potential privacy issues associated with backscatter X-Ray technology currently being tested by TSA at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, the TSA spokeswoman said.

Backscatter technology allows screeners to see underneath people's clothing without having to perform a pat down or strip search. However, before the TSA would pilot test the technology it required software algorithms to minimize privacy concerns.

The millimeter wave testing will let TSA better understand how the technology works, what will be the impact on travelers and what travelers have to say, the TSA spokeswoman said. What airport will be used for the test and whose technology will be used isn't finalized yet, she added. The technology will require an individual to stand in front of some type of imaging system to be scanned.


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