Six Added ExpressJet Flights Cut N.O. Airport Service Gap

ExpressJet Airlines adds ten daily, nonstop flights to new and pre-Katrina destinations

Dated flight data is one issue plaguing Armstrong. The industry uses six-month-old data to assess airport service needs, Woodruff said, making it hard for officials to determine how many new flights and seats are needed. The airport can account for convention traffic but business traffic is harder to quantify because it's generally not planned far in advance, she said.

"We hear about people not making a meeting because there's not a flight, so we know there's money being left on the table. How much, we don't know," Woodruff said. "We want what is reasonable business-wise (for the airlines) but we know we don't have enough flights. We want as many flights as the market demands. "

Southwest officials say the airline is making money in New Orleans, Woodruff said. The good news, she said, is that nearly two years since the hurricane, it's becoming easier to prove demand for more flights and services to the airlines.

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