New Orleans airport rehab to cost $82.5 million

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport officials are forging ahead with $82.5 million in repairs, including safety and capacity improvements, with help from federal transportation grants. Airport Aviation Director Sean Hunter and his...

The airport's new $20.1-million Security Operations Center will consolidate the Aviation Communications Center and security departments in early 2009.

The new center will be constructed in two phases. Phase I will replace equipment and Phase II will enhance existing equipment, such as installing a facility for employees to obtain badges. Enhancements will be made to the existing security infrastructure both in the terminal and on the perimeter of the airfield, said Rodriguez.

"The new construction will provide an op center where all security components of the airport can work together to partner for the best overall security," said Kevin McCarthy, federal security director for the Transportation Security Administration in New Orleans. "This new piece will be a much larger, dedicated space with new and improved technology, which will allow even better communication and cooperation among the agencies. "

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