American Airlines Installs Safe Drain Inserts at DFW Hub

Dallas, TX -- Safe Drain, Inc. announced today that American Airlines, in its continuing efforts to be environmentally proactive, has installed seven of the company’s inserts into key storm drains at its largest hub, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The Safe Drain inserts were installed at American’s cabin service facility on the airports East side to prevent potential spills from aircraft lavatory service trucks going into nearby storm drains.

This helps American comply with federal Clean Water Act regulations regarding Best Management Practices for storm water pollution prevention.

“Fines and clean-up costs associated with spills of non-permitted materials into storm drain systems has become a more prominent risk among aviation companies in recent years,” said John Deming, CEO of Safe Drain.

The Safe Drain is a patented storm drain insert which enables any storm drain to be isolated via a built-in shut-off valve. Safe Drain, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.