Rollout to be One for the ages

If God is considering a Second Coming soon, maybe she should tune in to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner rollout ceremony to borrow a few ideas about staging, drama and worldwide impact. Indeed, short of an 8.0 earthquake, an eruption of Mount Rainier or...

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SIDEBAR: 787 Premiere Facts

When: Sunday, July 8 (7-8-07)

Where: Boeing Everett plant

When: 3:30 p.m.

Everett audience: 15,000 787 workers, airline executives, analysts and aviation journalists are expected to attend.

Hotels: Boeing has booked five to handle out-of-town and international guests.

Live broadcasts: Qwest Field and 80 other venues around the world

Satellite broadcasts: In the U.S., DirecTV channel 576, DishNetwork channel 9691; 28 other satellites around the world

On the Net: At

Potential audience: 100 million

Versions of the broadcast: Nine directors will custom-produce versions in nine languages.

Production company: TPN of Seattle's Fremont district

Emcee: Tom Brokaw, former "NBC Nightly News" anchor

Music: Special 787 theme music

Composer: Brian Gibson, Vancouver composer and conductor

Musicians: Vancouver Symphony musicians

Cost: Boeing won't say.

Notes: Boeing originally planned the rollout for late June, but a Boeing employee four months ago suggested July 8, an idea that was quickly adopted because of its connection to the Dreamliner, 787.

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