Showtime for the FAA

Agency to unveil its redesign of Northeast airspace

Yet that's the kind of headache the FAA is willing to take on in order to appease NJCAAN.

And, when the FAA scheduled hearings on the airspace redesign proposals, it left Staten Island off the itinerary. (Of course, there were several noisy hearings in NJCAAN country.)

Sen. Hillary Clinton recently wrote to FAA Administrator Marion C. Blakey, demanding that the agency hold at least one public hearing here, so Staten Islanders' voices can finally be heard.

We're not sure the FAA has ever wanted to hear what Staten Island has to say.

Rep. Vito Fossella, who has long fought the FAA on this issue, said implementing the Integrated Airspace is "a no-brainer, if common sense prevails and the FAA wants to do the right thing."

The fact that an idea as preposterous as Ocean Routing has survived to this point in the process calls both of those notions into question.

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