The Boeing Co. won orders for 65 jets in the past week, including 13 777s. Customers for the 777s, as well as two 747-8 freighters, were not identified. For the year, Boeing has gross orders for 698 jets. The net total, which includes...

AeroSvit operates three Boeing 767s on its long-haul services to destinations including Delhi, Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Toronto and New York.

Although Boeing is likely to trail Airbus in orders when its rival adds the July tally to its total, Boeing has a solid lead in orders for widebody jets.

Boeing has dominated widebody orders the past three years on the strength of its 777 and 787. Airbus has been hurt by slow sales of its four-engine A340.

Boeing has won 327 gross orders for the 737. Not far behind is the twin-aisle 787 with 236 gross orders, followed by the 777 with 87 gross orders and the 767 with 36 gross orders. Boeing has sold 12 747-8s this year.

The gross totals do not include cancellations.

Through June, Airbus had announced 392 firm gross orders for its single-aisle A320 family, along with 152 orders for the twin-aisle A350, 112 orders for the twin-aisle A330 and 15 for the twin-aisle A340. It also has nine orders in 2007 for the A380.

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