Firm 'repairs the unrepairable'; Absolute Aviation's expertise helps hold down airline costs;

When airlines deal with a faulty onboard coffee maker, they don't run to Wal-Mart. Coffee makers on commercial jets run $5,000 to $9,000 apiece. Each plane carries up to eight of those coffee makers, depending on the size and type of aircraft...

"We'll save Delta and American airlines about $1.5 million this year by repairing things they would have otherwise had to replace," said Julin.

A major share of Absolute's workload involves repairing high-voltage power supplies used on commercial aircraft. They run in price from $8,000 to $15,000 to replace. Absolute repairs them at for 20 percent to 60 percent or so of those costs, said Garr.

Absolute also repairs strobe lights on aircraft wings or on the top or bottom of the body.

Garr and Julin estimate they'll be able to expand to about 21 fulltime workers in 2008. The one concern, said Garr, is the tight labor market. The firm needs about two more skilled electronics technicians who know how to troubleshoot circuit board problems and fix them at the component level.

"It's becoming more difficult to find that level of skill," said Garr.

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