Delta Air Lines orders 15 further winglets from Aviation Partners Boeing

An order for 15 further winglet systems has been secured by Aviation Partners Boeing for installation on the fleet of international Boeing 767-300ER aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines, by early 2010.

The airline plans to install winglets on 20 767-300ER aircraft by March 2009, with 30 installations to be completed early in 2010, with the option to retrofit the rest of its 767-300ER fleet with winglets. The winglets are expected to reduce fuel costs on the airline's existing routes and enable it to use current aircraft to serve new markets.

According to Aviation Partners Boeing, the Blended Winglets enable the aircraft to operate on routes which previously had to be served by larger aircraft.

The winglets reportedly provide block fuel savings of up to 6%, increased range and improved takeoff performance and payload and environmental benefits such as lower carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions and reduced takeoff noise.