ACI-NA Praises the House for Putting Passengers First

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The U.S. House ofRepresentatives today passed H.R. 2881, the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2007, by a vote of 267 to 151. The bill includesa modest increase in the passenger facility charge (PFC) user fee cap from$4.50 to $7.00. PFCs fund important projects, such as the construction of newrunways and terminals, which increase airport capacity, reduce delays andpromote new competition. Airports Council International - North America (ACI-NA) and its allies requested the $2.50 increase in the PFC user fee tohelp airports build new infrastructure to meet the surging demand for airtravel.

The following statement can be attributed to Gregory Principato , Presidentof Airports Council International - North America:

"Airports Council International - North America Passengers applauds theU.S. House of Representatives for passing the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2007.Demand for air travel has stretched the nation's aviation infrastructure toits breaking point, and this bill will help passengers by providing airportsthe financing tools to build runways and expand terminals."

Today's vote is an important step for today's frustrated and aggravatedair travelers. The PFC user fee increase included in H.R. 2881 will lead todecreased delays and increased competition. PFCs are one fee where thebenefits for travelers are clear.

As they consider this bill, ACI-NA strongly urges the Congressionalconferees to consider the needs of passengers first and recognize that PFCscan provide an essential benefit to passengers for decades to come."

About ACI-NA:

The mission of Airports Council International - North America (ACI-NA) isto advocate policies and provide services that strengthen the ability of aircarrier airports to serve their passengers, customers and communities. ACI-NArepresents local, regional and state governing bodies that own and operatecommercial airports in the United States and Canada . ACI-NA member airportsenplane more than 95 percent of the domestic and virtually all theinternational airline passenger and cargo traffic in North America . Nearly400 aviation-related businesses are also members of the association, which isthe largest of the five worldwide regions of Airports Council International.

SOURCE Airports Council International - North America