NBAA 2007: Bombardier Premieres Breakthrough Global Vision flight deck on Global Aircraft Family

London Air Services launch customer

Bombardier today is set to raise the standard in cockpit design and technology as the business aviation leader unveils and celebrates its new Global Vision flight deck for Global 5000 and Global Express XRS aircraft, at the Bombardier Static Pavilion at Fulton County Airport. London Air Services, a leading charter service provider based in Vancouver, Canada, will be the first customer to receive the Global Vision flight deck.

"The Global Vision flight deck is unlike anything we've seen on the market. Bombardier has truly raised the cockpit environment to a whole new level," stated Wynne Powell, president and chief operating officer, London Air Services. "The Global Express XRS jet is a very impressive aircraft, the Global Vision flight deck makes it outstanding. We can't wait to fly it."

Leading edge design merges with advanced technology to deliver a completely new flight deck experience. The latest in technological advancements from Rockwell Collins - the new Pro Line Fusion avionics suite - is paired with superior design aesthetics from world-renowned design consultancy firm Design Q, to create the ultimate flight control environment. The Global Vision flight deck, scheduled for certification in the third quarter of 2010 and entry in service in 2011, will provide Global aircraft pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and comfort.

"The Global Vision flight deck is a prime example of Bombardier's commitment to invest in our product platforms and offer our customers aircraft that deliver superior performance, reliability and value," said Pierre Gabriel Cote, president, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "Bombardier Global aircraft embody the foresight and visionary thinking of Bombardier Aerospace. The new Global Vision flight deck brings the advanced technology and superior design elements already present in the aircraft's luxurious cabin and sleek exterior to the cockpit, providing a truly seamless experience whether you are viewing the jet from the outside, working or relaxing in the cabin or in command of the controls."

Avionics suite integrates the latest in advanced technology features

The new Pro Line Fusion -Rockwell Collins' most advanced avionics suite technology - makes its debut on the Global Vision flight deck. Pro Line Fusion provides an integrated flight deck to ensure interoperability between systems and overall increased efficiency. The avionics suite features four high resolution 15-inch diagonal active matrix liquid crystal displays working in concert with the Head-up Guidance System (HGS(R)), personalized formats of display information, electronic checklist, maps with graphical flight planning, integrated cursor control panel, paperless operation enabled by dual electronics charts, future air navigation system, controller-pilot datalink communication and MultiScan(TM) weather detection system, synthetic vision system and Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (BEVS).

The all-new BEVS, featuring the new CMA-2700, - CMC Electronics' third-generation SureSight(R) I-Series(TM) integrated sensor system for enhanced flight vision system applications - will provide pilots with significantly improved situational awareness and the ability to observe runway lights and the runway environment in difficult operating conditions, such as low visibility and darkness. BEVS also offers lower approach minimums under certain situations.

Designed to deliver a seamless visual and functional experience throughout the aircraft

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