DayJet Takes Off, Launching New Era in Regional Transportation

World’s First “Per-Seat, On-Demand” Jet Service to Improve Productivity and Quality of Life for Southeastern Business Travelers

Howard Gruverman, CEO of Edify USA and first customer to fly DayJet service said: “I was the first passenger on DayJet and the service exceeded my expectations. The plane was roomy and comfortable, the pilots had impressive experience and the whole service model worked exactly as promised. DayJet is a great tool for business people who want to make better use of their time, conducting more business while they improve their quality of life.”

Unlike scheduled airlines, DayJet creates a unique flight plan each and every day in response to customer requirements – who tell the company where to fly, when to fly, and how many aircraft and pilots to deploy – through a real-time reservation system that quotes and books trips in just seconds. This new type of “customer adaptive” business model is only made possible through the unique combination of DayJet’s all-digital, real-time operations system and sheer aircraft density; DayJet is the largest fleet operator of next-generation VLJ aircraft in the world.

World’s Largest VLJ Fleet Operator
To facilitate its growth, DayJet has a five-year order for more than 1,000 Eclipse 500 VLJs.
The company’s fleet, which currently numbers a dozen Eclipse jets, is planned to grow to 30 jets by year’s end. Within two years, the DayJet fleet is expected to exceed 300 Eclipse 500 VLJs.

“The Eclipse 500 very light jet’s value proposition has inspired a new layer of affordable regional air transportation that will allow travelers to save time and be more productive,” stated Vern Raburn, president and CEO of Eclipse Aviation Corporation. “DayJet and Eclipse are demonstrating that the idea of a new class of aircraft that are compliant with the FAA’s NextGen strategy will change the work-life balance of hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of Americans.”

“Pratt & Whitney Canada’s innovative PW600 engine family is helping to spark a whole new market in jet travel, while promising a smaller footprint in terms of fuel consumption, carbon emissions and noise,” said Alain M. Bellemare, president of Pratt & Whitney Canada. “We are proud to be playing an important role in powering a new generation of small and affordable jets that make DayJet ‘Per-Seat, On-Demand’ passenger service possible for a vast new group of fliers. Together, we are revolutionizing the way people travel.”

First All-Digital Commercial Air Carrier
Today’s service launch is only enabled through DayJet’s proprietary all-digital, real-time operations system, which the company has spent the last five years developing. DayJet is the first air carrier in U.S. history to build and deploy a 100 percent digital operation.

DayJet’s Advanced System Technology for Real-Time Operations (known as ASTRO) – which contains more lines of code than early releases of Microsoft Windows – automates and manages every aspect of the company’s operations, end to end. This includes customer reservations, billing and membership management; flight records and training; flight planning and scheduling; pilot electronic flight bag (EFB); DayPort field information; and maintenance control.

ASTRO’s all-digital capabilities include digital signatures, electronic surveillance, electronic record keeping, automated flight planning and filing, automated compliance checking and automated TSA security clearance. ASTRO is built on highly complex mathematical algorithms and enables DayJet’s “Per-Seat, On-Demand” advantage as it can calculate in real-time the optimum deployment of hundreds of planes and pilots to meet the demands of customers, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Best Capitalized On-Demand Air Carrier in History
In recognition of the company’s unique business model and industry position, DayJet has raised more than $200 million to date in both private equity and debt. This level of funding places DayJet among the best capitalized pre-operational passenger air carriers in American aviation history, and the single largest carrier in the on-demand sector.

Note to Television Producers:
B-Roll is available with aircraft footage, interviews with DayJet members, DayJet CEO Ed Iacobucci and animation of the DayJet service region. B-Roll will be available at the satellite coordinates and time below:

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