Dublin-SFO route is a natural, airline's CEO says; Aer Lingus starts with 4 weekly flights between IT centers of U.S. and Europe

This year, Aer Lingus, the airline of Ireland, was permitted to start flying to three U.S. cities ahead of other European Union airlines, according to the terms of newly liberalized agreements between the United States and European nations. San...

Q:Does change threaten Ireland?

A: There would be a view that with economic growth and prosperity there comes a certain sophistication which some might say is the antithesis of traditional Ireland, Irish values. I think Ireland is a society in transition and one of the challenges facing Ireland is to take advantage of what economic prosperity can bring, but be very careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and lose that unique personal touch that prevails.

"To be relevant with business travelers, you must be daily."

Dermot Mannion Aer Lingus CEO

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