NetJets(R) & Marquis Jet(SM) to be Exclusive Private Aviation Partners of Broadway's New Hit Show Young Frankenstein(TM)

NEW YORK, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- NetJets & Marquis Jet today announcedthat they have become the exclusive private aviation partners of Mel Brooks 'new Broadway musical production Young Frankenstein , starring Roger Bart and Megan Mullally . Young Frankenstein , the hotly-anticipated musical presentedby the same team of creators as the record-breaking sensation The Producers,is a wickedly inspired re-creation of the Frankenstein legend based on MelBrooks ' classic comedy masterpiece. The show has already shattered pre-salerecords.

As partners, NetJets and Marquis Jet will host the Opening Night Party forthe production on November 8th at the Empire State Building in New York City .The guest list is a "Who's Who" of New York and the theater elite.Additionally, NetJets and Marquis Jet Card Owners will have access to Mr.Brooks ' personal seats at each show performance through the 2008 holidayseason.

"NetJets and Marquis Jet should be giving me back my seats some time inearly 2009," said Mel Brooks , Hollywood Legend, Writer and Producer of YoungFrankenstein . "I am happy to be able to share my seats and provide these finepeople with a couple of hours of good jokes and great music. The only betterseats than these are on NetJets planes!"

"We are thrilled to provide our NetJets and Marquis Jet Card Owners withexclusive access to one-of-a-kind experiences like the best seats in the houseto watch Broadway's hottest new show Young Frankenstein ," said RichardSantulli , NetJets Chairman and CEO. "NetJets and Marquis Jet are extremelyexcited to work with the legendary Mel Brooks and the cast and crew of thisincredible new musical."

NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRKa) company, is the worldwideleader in fractional jet ownership. NetJets manages the world's largest andmost diversified fleet of more than 700 aircraft globally, staffs more than3,000 highly trained and experienced pilots and provides the world's safestand most secure private aviation travel solutions. Through Marquis Jet'sexclusive alliance with NetJets, the Marquis Jet Card program provides accessto NetJets, 25 hours at a time.


NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, provides the safest and mostsecure private aviation solutions in the world. NetJets fractional aircraftownership allows individuals and companies to buy a share of a privatebusiness jet at a fraction of the cost of whole aircraft ownership, andguarantees availability 365 days a year with just a few hours' notice. TheNetJets programs worldwide offer the largest and most diversified fleet inprivate aviation, which includes 15 of the most popular business jets in theworld. Access to the NetJets fleet is also available in the form of ashort-term lease, sold on an all-inclusive, pre-paid basis in 25-hourincrements, through an exclusive alliance with Marquis Jet Partners. NetJetsInc. also offers aircraft management, charter management, and on-demandcharter services through its subsidiary, Executive Jet Management. Moreinformation on NetJets, the Marquis Jet Program, and Executive Jet Managementis available at

The Gulfstream Large Cabin Fleet is operated by NetJets International andNJI. The BBJ is operated by NetJets Large Aircraft Company. All other aircraftoffered by NetJets in the United States are operated by NetJets Aviation. Eachof these operating companies is a wholly owned subsidiary of NetJets Inc. Allaircraft offered by NetJets in Europe are operated by NetJets TransportesAereos, SA a Portuguese/EU Air Carrier. The Marquis Jet Card Program isoperated by NetJets under its FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate. NetJetshas an affiliation with the provider of the NetJets Middle East Program.


Marquis Jet is the leader in private jet cards. Through its exclusivealliance with NetJets, Marquis Jet provides the convenience, quality andsafety of the world's premier fractional aircraft ownership program 25 hoursat a time. The Marquis Jet Card is available throughout North America ,catering to businesses and individuals who desire access to the world's bestfleet and service. Business Traveler Magazine, Executive Travel Magazine,Robb Report and Flight International have recognized the Marquis Jet Card asthe number one private jet card program. The Marquis Jet Card program isoperated by NetJets Aviation, Inc. or NetJets International, Inc. under theirrespective FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates. For additional information,visit the Company's website at or call 1-866-JET-1400.

SOURCE NetJets; Marquis Jet