If he's hired, he plans to work nonstop at airport

MANCHESTER -- The prospective new director of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport sees more nonstop flights, more destinations, more international flights and a hoped-for rail transportation link at the airport. "The infrastructure is here," said...

What they want to know, he said, is where new companies are opening headquarters, or where they are expanding. With that information, Brewer said he can help stimulate the air travel market.

"An airline like Southwest, or any of the other major airlines, if they know that there is a new market that is opening up, and people will be taking advantage of that service, they are more inclined to add that service," he said.

"You stimulate a market tremendously by adding new nonstop service, so that's going to be one of the biggest challenges is to try to get Manchester-Boston positioned away from one of the spokes of any of several hubs to create more nonstop service."

If the Manchester Mayor and Board of Aldermen approve his nomination Tuesday, Brewer said he and his wife, Molly, plan to move to New Hampshire. The nominee, who is a camera buff and has a yellow Labrador, also said he would be closer to family members in New Hampshire. He has a brother who lives in Dover and a sister in Keene.

The Brewers have two adult children, Andrew, 25, in San Jose, and Lindsey, who lives in Seattle. Brewer expects to become a grandparent in June.

His one regret about leaving Rhode Island is that he won't be able to complete an environmental impact statement on expanding the runway at T.F. Green, an expansion that will allow the airport to offer nonstop coast-to-coast service. One option for expansion requires the taking of 400 or so homes.

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