Airports redoing runway markings

Eight Arkansas airports are putting down new runway and taxiway markings as part of a nationwide effort to reduce the danger of collisions between aircraft and other vehicles on the ground. Though runway incursions are rare at Arkansas airports...

"It's a safety issue, and we all totally agree with it," Downie said. "This is a way to let the pilots know they are approaching the intersection of a runway. It's just a little added safety." Airports don't have to be busy like Los Angeles International Airport or John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to be at risk for runway incursions, said Kelly Johnson, director of Northwest Arkansas Regional.

Most susceptible to incursions are airports with more than one runway. At those airports, aircraft often must cross an active runway to get around the airport, Johnson said.

"We're not set up that way," she said. "We have a good airfield configuration." Airport workers who use vehicles on the airfield also undergo annual training in avoiding runway incursions.

Northwest Arkansas Regional already has met the new FAA requirement for enhanced pavement markings. The markings were put down in five locations, Johnson said. The airport happened to have its airfield people working on the markings when the directive came out last month, she said. The work cost $3,000.

"It was good timing," she said. Downie said Hot Springs Memorial will meet the deadline unless "the weather gets too cold and you can't paint." Hot Springs Memorial will require enhanced markings at 12 to 15 locations, Downie said. He had no estimate on the cost.

This article was published 11/17/2007

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