Video put de-icer on hot seat

A company that de-ices airplanes at Denver International Airport retrained all of its workers after a local TV station went undercover to reveal that managers were giving them answers to test questions, officials said Monday.

Denver's CBS4 was scheduled to broadcast Monday night an undercover videotape of a manager at Penauille Servisair telling employees the correct answers for mandatory tests.

Messages seeking comment from management at Servisair were not returned.

The tests are required by airlines at DIA to ensure that Servisair's employees know proper procedures for de-icing airplanes, said Joe Hodas, a spokesman for Frontier Airlines.

Normally, the tests are administered at the conclusion of a training session, Hodas said.

He said video that CBS4 showed Frontier featured answers being shouted out by management as workers took the tests.

Hodas said Frontier has asked Servisair to retrain about 500 employees who work at DIA, and the company has already done so.

He added that the firm also agreed to let a compliance auditor sit in on those training sessions to ensure that there was no cheating on the test taken at the end of the training.

Chuck Cannon, a DIA spokesman, said he could not comment on the controversy until after CBS4 broadcast its report.