Philly Road Warrior | Tour of PHL offers insight on US Airways' future

We had a rare opportunity the week before Thanksgiving to walk around Philadelphia International's Terminals A-East and A-West with airport director Charles Isdell and three of his staff members. The tour of PHL was at our request, so we could...

Most of you who traveled last week had the same experiences as my colleague Melissa Dribben, who wrote in the Road Warrior blog postings about her cross-country trip from Philadelphia to Seattle and back, just before Thanksgiving. There were a few glitches along the way, but flights were on time and nothing really painful or aggravating happened.

We should also do something several of you have suggested: Report occasionally about your good experiences on airline flights. We don't have many such tales to work from, but here's one reader Sandra Choukroun posted two weeks ago as a comment on the Road Warrior blog:

"I just returned from a week-long trip to Paris on US Airways. I want to report that everything really went very well, which is to say uneventfully. Even though the outbound flight was late due to traffic, the crews were friendly, the bags came in a reasonable time, and I have no complaints. My husband takes this flight three or four times a year, and this is usually his experience. The customs and immigration officers were also polite and friendly. One odd note: In Paris, they board people needing assistance first, but then there is general boarding without rows or zones. Despite this, we still left early."

Thanks to all who contribute to this column, and please keep it up.

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