Air Travelers Association proposes "Passengers First" solutions to the DOT


The United States Air Travelers Association said on 28 November that David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association, has submitted some of the Association's "Passengers First" proposed solutions to the US Department of Transportation.

The ATA said the proposals deal with the aviation congestion crisis in the New York area. The following 'Passengers First' Solutions were submitted by the ATA:

* Eliminate all corporate jet operations at LaGuardia Airport and convert the corporate jet ramps for use by airline aircraft as delayed aircraft holding pads. According to the ATA, eliminating corporate jets would immediately add airline operating slots at LaGuardia. * Do not allow "non-standard" departures at LaGuardia Airport. The ATA said that "Non-Standard" departures involve the use of a runway by an aircraft when that runway is not then in use.

* Eliminate all published airline connections at LaGuardia Airport. The ATA said that the highest, best and most efficient use of LaGuardia Airport is based on its proximity to Manhattan and because of this, only passengers originating from and destined to LaGuardia should be served at LaGuardia. * Consider eliminating the 1500-mile perimeter limitation for flights to and from LaGuardia and allow airlines to move beyond perimeter flights from JFK Airport to LaGuardia and re-allocate slots at LaGuardia. According to the ATA, the 1500-mile LaGuardia perimeter limitation is a rule of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The elimination of the LaGuardia perimeter rule and allowing airlines to move beyond perimeter flights from JFK Airport to LaGuardia, and together with other changes, trades, compromises and adjustments, could allow a reduction of congestion at JFK Airport and reduce delays in the entire New York area. The ATA also wants to change the DOT and FAA definitions of "delay", saying that they are antiquated, unrealistic and out of touch with the current situation.

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