Boeing Signs Agreement with El Al Israel Airlines for Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul Services

SEATTLE -- Boeing's (NYSE: BA) Commercial Aviation Services organization has reached an agreement with El Al Israel Airlines to perform repair and overhaul services on landing gear for the carrier's Boeing 777 airplanes. By utilizing the Boeing Service Center Repair Network, customers receive quick, reliable service anywhere in the world. With this service, airlines have access to landing gear repair and replacement, which keeps their planes flying.

El Al Israel Airlines is the first airline to sign up for Boeing's 777 landing gear program. Under this agreement, Boeing offers customers a "rotable" program which will enable customers to exchange worn, unserviceable or time-expired landing gear for overhauled or restored landing gear from a pool controlled by Boeing. After being placed in the pool, the customer's landing gear would undergo necessary repairs and then be placed back in the pool for other customer exchanges.

"El Al is looking for ways to reduce operation costs," says Dr. Shmuel Fledel, El Al vice president of maintenance and engineering. "Through the Boeing 777 Landing Gear Exchange Program, not only are we able to reduce our investment and inventory holding costs, but it also provides us with a world-class source to serve our needs and increase the reliability of our fleet -- especially as El Al has expanded its 777-200 fleet lately with two additional aircraft."

"El Al Israel Airlines will be assured they have the gears they need, when they need them as part of our landing gear program," says Mark Owen, vice president of material management for Commercial Aviation Services.