Lockheed Martin Set to Deliver F-35 ALIS With NGRAIN Software

ORLANDO, FL -- NGRAIN, a provider of interactive 3-D equipment simulations for training programs and maintenance support systems, announces Lockheed Martin has released the NGRAIN-developed Visual Damage and Repair Tracking software to be deployed with the F-35 Lightning II Autonomic Logistics Information Systems (ALIS) software suite. ALIS provides a suite of software to support maintenance, supply and training operations for F-35 Lightning II (JSF) aircraft technicians worldwide. The software will be delivered to test sites with F-35 aircraft in 2009.

The NGRAIN software, selected by Lockheed Martin in February this year, will be used by aircraft maintainers on the flight line to document aircraft exterior damage inspection findings and aircraft exterior repairs. The software will be delivered on portable, ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook computers. F-35 maintainers will use NGRAIN's intuitive 3-D visualization software to streamline and support accurate capture of aircraft exterior damage and repair details.

"Any time we can help reduce operational timelines and increase the accurate capture of information for our customers, we are thrilled," says Paul Lindahl, CEO, NGRAIN. "NGRAIN's solution will help JSF customers efficiently maintain the aircraft, maximizing mission capability. The software was developed solely in North America, so customers can also look forward to certification for security sensitive projects."

Streamlining workflow, NGRAIN's Visual Damage and Repair Tracking software enables F-35 maintainers to accurately capture, store, and track aircraft exterior damage and repair details by drawing directly onto a 3-D model of the aircraft. Traditional methods of capturing and tracking aircraft exterior damages are often time consuming and cumbersome. This detailed information is used by other software applications within ALIS to assess whether or not damages adversely impact aircraft mission capability and which damages need to be repaired to restore aircraft to mission capability.