Marquis Jet(SM) Launches New Website

Innovative, Interactive and User-Friendly Website Immediately Establishes Itself as an Industry Resource to Educate Consumers on Flying Privately

NEW YORK , Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Marquis Jet(SM), the leader in private jet cards, today announced that it has launched its redeveloped and redesigned website at The fresh, new site features enhanced content, dynamic functionality and a refined new look, making it the most innovative and informative jet card site on the web. Designed by MGX Lab, the Company's website contains many new interactive features and visually rich content, including all-new photography, contextual video clips and Card Owner testimonials, fully immersing visitors in the world of private aviation and the Marquis Jet Card ownership experience.

The new website focuses on the safety, service, strength and value of the Marquis Jet Card program, which is the only program that provides access to NetJets(R), 25 hours at a time. The site very effectively paints the picture of all the benefits you receive and have access to as a Marquis Jet Card Owner. Visitors to the site, current and prospective Card Owners will enjoy an in-depth view of all ten aircraft types available, including interactive range maps, 360-degree virtual tours of the aircraft interiors and visual depictions of baggage capacity and cabin amenities. Existing Card Owners will also be able to take advantage of the new Marquis Jet Card Owner Login section, where they can securely access a Card Owner only website enabling them to book flights, adjust travel itineraries and update their Card Owner profiles online.

"As the recognized leader in private jet cards, our goal was to create an equally exceptional and interactive website to provide an all-encompassing illustration of the Marquis Jet Card ownership experience," said Randy Brandoff , the Company's VP of Marketing. "Marquis Jet pays extreme attention to detail in everything we do for our Owners in order to provide the best possible service. This new website gives us the opportunity to better inform and excite all those affiliated with or interested in the Marquis Jet Card program."

The Marquis Jet Card program aircraft are provided by NetJets through an exclusive alliance between the two companies. NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRKa) company, is the worldwide leader in fractional jet ownership. NetJets manages the world's largest and most diversified fleet of more than 775 aircraft*, staffs 3,900 highly trained and experienced pilots and provides the world's safest and most secure private aviation travel solutions. NetJets was also recognized by Robb Report as the 2008 "Best of the Best" in Fractional Ownership Programs. In 2000, NetJets' success prompted Robb Report to create a brand new category for fractional aircraft in its annual Best of the Best issue. NetJets has appeared in the Best of the Best issue ever since.


Marquis Jet is the leader in private jet cards. Through its exclusive alliance with NetJets, Marquis Jet provides the convenience, quality and safety of the world's premier fractional aircraft ownership program 25 hours at a time. The Marquis Jet Card is available throughout North America , catering to businesses and individuals who desire access to the world's best fleet and service. Business Traveler Magazine, Executive Travel Magazine, Robb Report and Flight International have recognized the Marquis Jet Card as the number one private jet card program. The Marquis Jet Card program is operated by NetJets Aviation, Inc. or NetJets International, Inc. under their respective FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates. For additional information, visit the Company's website at or call 1-866-JET-1400. Please refer to Marquis Program Documents for more complete details.


MGX Lab specializes in incubating, innovating and developing brand experiences from digital to physical. Clients include Marquis Jet, NetJets, Tom Brady , The Jonas Brothers, American Idol, and Muhammad Ali . While building these brands, the Lab has also launched several new businesses, including MGX Networks, a new content platform for athletes and celebrities that enables them to control their brand in partnership with Google and YouTube. Visit the Company's website at

* Figure includes those aircraft managed by NetJets wholly owned subsidiary, Executive Jet Management

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