Two Airports to Receive $490,000 to Help Improve Services

HARRISBURG, Pa. , Nov. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Bloomsburg and St. Mary's municipal airports will receive a combined investment of nearly $489,000 in federal and state funds to improve facilities and enhance their safety, according to PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E.

"This investment will help these airports improve their day-to-day activities with increased safety, access and upgrades," Biehler said. "It is essential that airport employees and customers are working and traveling in safe, efficient environments."

Bloomsburg municipal airport will receive $466,450 to realign and extend its runway, enhance safety and improve airport access. St. Mary's municipal airport in Elk County will receive $22,500 to upgrade and improve its aircraft refueling facility.

The Federal Aviation Administration is providing $454,490 through its block grant program, which is funded by taxes that are collected nationally on airline tickets, freight waybills, international departure fees and the sale of aviation fuel. Airports receive up to 95 percent of eligible project costs for projects included in Pennsylvania's 12-year transportation program.

The state portion of funding ($34,460) comes from PennDOT's aviation development program, which is funded by the state's jet fuel tax and leverages more than $19,000 in local matching funds.

Public-use airports in the commonwealth are eligible for the aviation development program. The state has 134 public-use airports and heliports and 14 airports have scheduled commercial service.

SOURCE Pennsylvania Department of Transportation