Johnstown Airport To Ask For More Money


On Tuesday, the Johnstown Cambria County Airport will be getting a special visit from the deputy secretary of aviation. One of the big goals of the day is to ask for more money in hopes of bringing more jobs to the area.

According to airport officials, the deputy secretary will be given a tour of the facility and meet with board members. During the visit, officials will try to show him how extra money from the state would help the airport and the community.

The airport has been in talks with two companies that are looking to move to the area, creating at least 70 jobs to start with. However, right now airport officials said they can't give the companies what they need.

"We would love to have them up here," said operations manager Scott Voelker. "The down side is we don't have a facility that fulfills their needs. They would need to invest a lot of money to renovate one of our hangers."

The names of the companies have not been released.

The airport recently lost funding after it fell below 10,000 passengers a years. Officials said they hope Tuesday's visit will give them a much-needed financial boost.

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