Announcing Jet-It-Together: The Online Community for Booking Shared Private Jets

Fly Privately and Save Up to 70%

ESSEX, Conn. , May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Jet-It-Together, LLC, announced today the launch of, the online community where members experience significant cost savings on private jet travel by matching their itineraries with other members who have the same travel plans. By aggregating individual trip itineraries, Jet-It-Together members can save up to 70% on private jet travel as compared with a traditional whole plane charter.

Jet-It-Together provides a cooperative approach for its members to share in the cost of private jet charter. When a member initiates a trip, or decides to join a trip that has already been initiated by another member, the website displays the cost of the trip one way.

If the member is initiating a new trip, Jet-It-Together notifies other members to give them the opportunity to join the shared trip. Once there is sufficient interest to cover the estimated trip cost, Jet-It-Together negotiates the exact pricing with a FAA Part 135 charter operator. The final cost of the trip for each member is then adjusted, based upon the final number of travelers and the negotiated cost of the trip. Members can also secure the whole plane if they do not wish to share with other Jet-It-Together members. As with the shared trips, Jet-It-Together will negotiate the most competitive cost from a range of operators.

Jet-It-Together members can also use the Going My Way ? feature to build a "wish list" of trips. These are trips that a member would like to take, but are open-ended and would only be scheduled if other members shared in the cost of the private jet charter.

The technology powering allows members to control the complete process for shared private jet travel. Members can map trips, receive cost estimates, initiate new trips, review and join existing trips, manage their personal profiles, receive email updates and confirmations, and, through links to other suppliers, purchase travel insurance. Jet-It-Together has an instructive online demo and web-based customer support.

"Jet-It-Together is building an online community that will redefine the private jet experience, providing greater affordability and convenience for travelers. This new online service gives members the option to have an enjoyable travel experience for a fraction of the cost of traditional private jet charters. When you join the online community, you gain access to a wide choice of regional, as well as hub airports, and the ability to truly control your travel time in the air and on the ground," said John Ackermann , one of the founders Jet-It-Together, LLC.

Since Jet-It-Together is not a charter operator, nor does it have any investment in or from charter operators, the company has the flexibility to continually review and manage a pool of pre-screened Part 135 operators that the company believes meet the highest standards for offering the safest and best service to its members. Having that independence allows Jet-It-Together experts to negotiate the best pricing and services for its members.

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Jet-It-Together, LLC

Jet-It-Together, LLC is an independent company that finds, selects, and negotiates costs for shared private jet trips with FAA certified Part 135 private charter operators on behalf of its online community members. Members of the Jet-It-Together online community can initiate a shared private jet charter or be alerted to a trip that they may want to join, based upon their stated travel needs or interests. Jet-It-Together experts negotiate rates they believe are competitive, based on the operators' performance history, quality of service and adherence to industry recognized standards. Jet-It-Together, LLC, is not a charter operator and it does not operate any flights. Jet-It-Together does not have any financial investment from, nor does it have any investment in, any charter operator.

Jet-It-Together is a trademark of Jet-It-Together, LLC.

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