Avedisian seeks another FAA meeting

-- Jun. 9--WARWICK -- Describing last week's informational meeting concerning the proposed expansion of the main runway at T.F. Green Airport as "disastrous," Mayor Scott Avedisian is calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to hold...

The other part of the project includes expanding and upgrading the safety zones at each end of the airport's crosswinds runway.

Avedisian said that being mayor of the city didn't help him to have a meaningful discussion with anyone from the FAA Wednesday night. He arrived armed with a 60-page report outlining questions and concerns the city still has about the project, but said he was not able to give it to anyone personally because everyone he approached said that they were not designated as a municipal liaison.

"In the end, we just put the report in one of the boxes they put out for people's written remarks," Avedisian said. "I don't think the FAA was purposely trying to thwart anyone, but the evening degenerated into a debacle with a lot of people getting frustrated."


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