National Security and Airport Contractor Target of New Effort to Ensure Quality Security, Legal Compliance

Launch of Website

LOS ANGELES, July 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As the nation continues to examine strategies for improving security at the high profile sites ranging from airports to office buildings, today saw the launch of a new resource encouraging employees of one security provider - Command Security - to speak out regarding legal concerns, gaps in training, or other possible breaches of security.

The new site,, will provide employees of Command Security and its subsidiaries with a forum for voicing concerns on a variety of security and employment related issues.

The site will also educate workers on their rights to file claims of employment law violations and report allegations of fraud. A recent review of public documents obtained by Eyes On Command Security through a California Public Records Act request revealed that, in the last two years alone, the companies paid over $25,000 in unpaid wages and penalties in California. Eyes On Command Security has submitted requests for similar documents in other states where Command Security operates.

Eyes On Command Security will also continue to gather information about the company's employment practices by asking their workers to keep watch over Command Security. Their workers can now share their stories, fill out a survey to gather information on the company's employment practices, and learn more about their legal rights.

Command Security's subsidiary, Aviation Safeguards, provides critical airport security and passenger services for at least 11 airports nationwide, including LAX, San Jose Mineta Airport, Oakland International Airport and JFK International Airport. In the airline industry, many airlines, such as Delta Airlines, have outsourced jobs once performed by airline personnel to contractors like Aviation Safeguards.

"Airlines can contract out these jobs, but they can't contract out their responsibility to ensuring that our airports and planes are safe," said Hays Witt, with

Outside the airline industry, Command Security clients include FedEx, Advanced Micro Devices, and Analog Devices.

"Clients deserve quality service and security, but I don't think they know what they're getting," said Witt.

Eyes On Command Security will continue to track the company by gathering stories and posting survey results.

Eyes On Command Security and are produced by the Service Employees International Union, United Service Workers West, wholly independent of Command Security or its subsidiaries.

SOURCE SEIU United Service Workers West