Lancaster Airport growth debate is bringing FAA officials to town

-- Aug. 5--In the six months since 50 people were killed in the crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, the fear of planes falling from the sky has loomed in the background as neighbors and government flight regulators...

"I don't know where else an airport can go," Miller said.

Next, he flew a few minutes away to Akron, where that town's small airport seems to end as the main street begins. Miller pointed to a high school building along another edge. "See how close that is?" he said.

He said he knows that some pilots do fly too low in Lancaster. But a public airport is like a public road, he said, and pilots are like drivers: Some are responsible; some are not.

Miller said he is careful to teach proper flying protocol to his students -- ages 16 to 80 -- who pay $5,000 for instruction needed to earn a basic license.

"This is a business that I've put my heart and soul and sacred fortune into," Miller said. "We need to get along."

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