Skydive Sacramento seeks FAA help to use Lincoln airfield

-- Oct. 6--A Placer County sky-diving company is asking the federal government to intervene in a dispute with the city of Lincoln over use of its airfield. Operators of Skydive Sacramento want to land sky divers on vacant Lincoln...

Ferrell says the same state law that protects municipalities from lawsuits by injured skateboarders shields them from claims by people engaged in other hazardous activities, such as sky diving.

In the past six months, three sky divers have died in local parachute accidents. In June, an experienced sky diver was killed and another seriously injured at the Yolo County Airport, northwest of Davis. Last month, two sky divers died after their parachutes became entangled over the Lodi airport.

Garcia said his operation is safe and has the FAA backing to prove it. He said there's been nothing worse than a twisted ankle after more than 2,000 landings at the off- airport site.


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