New York Airports Top AXE 'Best and Worst Airports to Make a Connection' List

CHICAGO, Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- From never-ending security lines and Scrooge-like employees, to howling children and rude cellphone users, holiday travel may fall just behind a visit to the dentist on the list of life's most unpleasant experiences. But...

Survey Says

In addition to the study, AXE commissioned research firm StrategyOne to survey 1,000 adults ages 18-34 about their habits when it comes to travel and romance - and the results show that travelers are getting more out of their flights than just an extra pack of peanuts. Two out of three respondents (66 percent) said they would consider going on a date with someone they met while traveling, and 59 percent have flirted with someone while at the airport or on a plane. Surprisingly (or not?), more than half of respondents would consider joining the Mile High Club if given the opportunity.

Airport "Connection" Tips

Robert Reid, U.S. Travel Editor of Lonely Planet, understands the rigors and rewards of airport travel, and says meeting new people can be one of the biggest perks. "Making connections while traveling isn't difficult, you just have to know what rules to follow" says Reid. "Sitting in an airport lounge or bar isn't exactly the same as bumping into someone at a neighborhood pub." Reid recommends taking advantage of natural opportunities to initiate conversation. "There is tons of on-hand material for small talk: flight delays, funny people-watching, how bad the bagels are - all which could lead to a deeper conversation."

Whether you're stuck at JFK waiting for your (delayed) connecting flight, or trying to comprehend French instructions at Charles de Gaulle, just remember that holiday "connections" can happen when you're least expecting them. So grab a coffee, a comfy seat and check out who's stranded with you; it just might lead to kissing in coach this holiday travel season.

Complete List of International Airport "Connection" Rankings


The AXE "Best and Worst Airports to Make a Connection" study, conducted by Sperling's BestPlaces, was based on the 33 largest international airports in terms of passenger volume and aimed to show which airports provide the best opportunities for "making a connection" with a fellow traveler. The study considered everything from the number of connecting, delayed and missed flights in each airport, to the airport's historical weather conditions, to the number of bars, restaurants and activities per passenger per airport.

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