Colgan Air To Replace Cape Air At Plattsburgh Int'l Airport


Clinton County Legislators voted 7 to 3 for Colgan Air to win a two-year, federally-funded contract flying out of Plattsburgh International Airport. This controversial vote came to an end Wednesday night putting Cape Air, the existing air provider, out of the market.

The Corporate Director of Pinnacle Airlines Corp., Phillip Reed, said the company is excited to allow more people to fly out of Plattsburgh. Pinnacle Airlines is the parent company of Colgan Air. This airline will have bigger aircraft than what Cape Air was providing. There are 32 seats for Colgan Air planes versus only 9 for Cape Air.

"Well, we're very pleased. This is a marketplace we believe has a great deal of potential. We believe that Cape Air has been a wonderful airline and has set the bar very high for us," Reed said.

But one of the downfalls of this new contract, according to some legislators, is that Cape Air was willing to offer lower fares than its competitor.

"From the standpoint tonight of admitting they would do a $65 rate to Boston. You're not going to see that on the other airline," said Clinton County Legislator Robert Hines (R-Area 10), "Local people need to know that. It's going to be higher than that. That I think is unfortunate and that's why I voted for Cape Air."

While Cape Air officials are sad to have to leave the area, they said they plan on finding a way back.

"We are in love with Plattsburgh, and when you're in love with someone you hold on to them. So we would like to figure out a way to be here," said Daniel Wolf, CEO of Cape Air.

According to officials from Colgan Airlines, after the contract is signed, the company could be running out of Plattsburgh within 90 days.

Clinton County Lawmakers Cast Vote For Airline Contract

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