New Airline Recycling Rankings

US Airlines Generate Over 880 Million Tons of Waste Annually -- 75 Percent of Which Could Be Recycled ... But Only 20 Percent Is; Consumers Urged to Factor Recycling Policies Into Air Travel Decisions. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18...

In addition to the overall dismal recycling policies of the airlines, Green America's on-flight research identified that some airlines are not actually implementing their stated policies in the air. As a result, Green America is calling on passengers nationwide to respectfully ask flight attendants if materials on their specific flights are being recycled, and to report their findings to Green America at

The full Airline recycling report is available at Contact information for all of the airlines is available in the report for passengers wishing to contact airlines to request that they improve their recycling practices.


ResponsibleShopper ( informs concerned consumers about problematic corporate practices, action campaigns and ways to live greener in relation to more than 150 major consumer companies. ranks companies in 27 industry categories from best to worst based on research focusing on such key issues as human rights, social justice, environmental sustainability and more. Major consumer companies ranked by include such brand-name corporations as McDonalds, WalMart, Coca Cola, Disney, Hanes, and General Electric.

Companies are listed and ranked on in the following categories: agribusiness; airlines; appliances; athletic wear; automobiles; banking/financial; beauty and body care; beverage/water; big box retailers; big pharma; booksellers; chemicals; cleaning products; clothing; coffee; computer/electronics; department stores; electric utilities; electronics; fast food; food; gas/oil; home improvement/building; Internet; mass media (TV, radio, film); supermarkets; tires; tobacco; and toys/games.


Green America ( is the nation's leading green economy organization, advancing marketplace solutions for our country's most serious social and environmental problems. Green America harnesses economic power--the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace--to grow the green economy, stop corporate abuse, curb climate change, and help people and businesses everywhere make economic choices that are good for people and the planet.

SOURCE Green America/, Washington, D.C.

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