Security A High Priority At Local AR Airports


Local airports say they have security measures in place to prevent just anyone from getting onto the field.

At Bentonville airport, it isn't easy for someone to get onto the tarmac. There is a large, barbed wire fence that goes part of the way around the facility.

Airport manager Sean Walters says the small size of the Bentonville airport makes easier for him to keep track of what's going on at the airport.

"We do have an electronic monitoring service out here on the field, which is a number of cameras which cover the main gate, both the north and south end of the airport and the runway,” Walters said.

He said people who keep airplanes in hangars or on the tarmac need special access codes.

"The gates all over the airport are on little digipads for personnel who are located here,” he said.

Airplane owners are expected to keep their planes locked at all times.

"You can jimmy your way into a car the same way you can break a window on an airplane," he said.

Walters said there have not been any security breaches at the airport.

“We try to keep the planes locked in a hangar as much as possible,” Walters said.

He said every airplane owner goes through major background checks when they register their plane with the FAA.

"By the time they've gotten here, they've gone through more checks than a lot of people see in a decade,” Walters said.

Airport officials said they're also subject to inspections by the TSA. Those inspections happen multiple times each year.

Bentonville police also regularly patrol the airport during the day and night.

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