Sensis Determines New Aircraft Viable in NextGen

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y., March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Emerging new aircraft types, such as Cruise-Efficient Short Take-Off and Landing (CESTOL) transport aircraft, have the potential to positively affect the efficiency and capacity of the NextGen Air...

"This NASA sponsored research establishes that these new vehicles hold great promise to positively impact air travel in the future, particularly in terms of meeting the projected air travel demand without adversely affecting overall NAS performance," said Kaminski. "Now is the time to start developing the unique processes and tools needed to effectively incorporate them into NextGen in a safe manner as these vehicles possess different performance characteristics than conventional aircraft."

In addition to this NextGen vehicle research, Sensis has completed numerous modeling, simulation and analysis projects for NASA, JPDO, FAA and other industry and academic organizations. Sensis is a leader in modeling, simulation and analysis of the potential impact of future airspace and airport improvements. Through its fast-time and real-time capabilities, Sensis can generate current and future air traffic demand scenarios, provide system-wide or regional simulations to evaluate current and future air traffic management concepts, and analyze and visualize simulation results.


Sensis Corporation provides sensors, information technology, and simulation and modeling to the world's air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines and militaries. Sensis Corporation solutions are deployed around the world. For more information regarding Sensis Corporation, visit

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