Animal Airways Launches Service for Cat Owners and Cats Traveling Together In-Cabin

WEMBLEY , England , March 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Animal Airways, the first global pet-flight management provider for safe and simple family travel, announced today the launch of its designated "Cats In-Cabin" Service. "Cats In-Cabin" will provide cat owners who wish to travel with their cats, with all the information and preparation necessary for a safe and simple flight.

The "Cats-In-Cabin" Program is designed to answer the unique needs of cats and cat owners, providing solutions such as cat veterinary consultancy, cat acclimation at destination, cat shuttle service and cat kenneling.

Alongside the unique needs of cats, the program is geared towards in-cabin flights with solutions such as soft-kennels, document and regulation check and instruction on how to calm the cat during a flight. Working in collaboration with airlines that allow cats in-cabin, the flight managers and veterinarians will create the most suitable travel plan for the customer.

"Dogs and cats are often perceived of as being one in the same, but cats are not small dogs" says Dr. Eytan Kreiner , Head Veterinarian of Animal Airways, "Cats have different illnesses and veterinary needs and there are different international requirements regarding cats. The "Cats-In-Cabin program" is inline with our vision of creating a world where pets travel with the same safety, ease and comfort as other family members."

Animal Airways also offers ground VIP services for families at the airport. These services are particularly recommended for cat owners as cats are more difficult to handle and secure than dogs.

About Animal Airways

Established by a veterinarian with a vision of pet-friendly family travel, Animal Airways is already revolutionizing pet travel for families in 10 countries. Around the world, families are traveling together and enjoying safe and simple flights with their cats, dogs and other pets. For more information visit

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