Fraport Sustainability Report 2009: "Fraport Wants to Be Measured..."

FRANKFURT , May 28, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- In the coming years, Fraport AG's sustainability policy will focus on the issues of noise monitoring, active noise abatement and noise impact research. Presenting Fraport's latest sustainability report at a...

Furthermore, Schulte underscored that Fraport has always faced its special ecological and social responsibilities as an airport manager with great dedication. "We never shied away from striking new, inventive, and often inconvenient paths. And this success proves that our proactive attitude is right. People in the Frankfurt Airport region can continue to count on Fraport in the future, even and especially when the new runway - and thus a major part of FRA's expansion -- will be completed in a little over a year," Schulte concluded.

By establishing a Sustainability and Corporate Compliance unit at the beginning of 2010, Fraport has given new significance to sustainability -- a clear commitment to the airport operator's high standard of sustainable value creation in the interest of all stakeholders. "All of the Fraport Group's previous sustainability-related activities have been concentrated in our new Sustainability central unit in terms of economic, social and ecological sustainability. These activities have been integrated in an overall concept, which has been positioned as the decisive criterion for all corporate units to act," explained Jorg Kamer , head of Fraport's Sustainability Management.

"Our new Sustainability Report 2009 documents that sustainability has always been an important aspect of Fraport's corporate culture and continued to be integral to many of our entrepreneurial decisions made last year."

Fraport AG's Sustainability Report 2009 is available on the Internet at You can also order a free copy by e-mailing or by telephoning +49(0)69-690-60131.

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