EEPro Debuts Solar Photovoltaic Carports in North America

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Many companies in the United States want to "go green." It's good for the environment and great for business branding. But finding a smart, affordable way to make the leap, particularly when it comes to solar solutions, isn't always easy or practical. Many buildings have design limitations that make rooftop solar panels on buildings tricky to install. That's why EEPro, a leader in UL-certified solar modules and a provider of turnkey photovoltaic solar parks and farms, is now launching solar photovoltaic (PV) carports to companies nationwide.

"Solar carports are ideal for large commercial centers, as well as any business or residential community with outdoor parking," says Martin Koebler, CEO of EEPro. "Our solar PV carports tap the sun's energy and works the same way as photovoltaic rooftops on houses or buildings. The electricity produced from the carport's solar roof powers buildings or homes, and it's a technique that's being used in Germany, as well as with some American businesses and even an airport in Texas."

EEPro ( -- daughter company of Germany's EEPro GmbH ( -- established its first office in Charlotte, N.C., in September 2009. Since then, the company has been setting up solar parks, farms and, now, carports in North America. According to Koebler, solar carports produce both tangible and intangible benefits; specifically, they:

"EEPro's solar carports offer a huge opportunity to capitalize on alternative energy and simultaneously enable the conservation of natural resources," Koebler says. "And while solar carports are ideal for large parking lots, they're super for a wide range of users, from business buildings to amusement parks, ski resorts, major transportation centers and even the country's largest mall. What's more, it's possible these very structures could become revenue generators, selling energy ports for plug-in hybrids and other vehicles."

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About EEPro

Launched by German company EEPro GmbH, EEPro was established to meet the growing need for the design and building of turnkey renewable energy projects, specifically photovoltaic solar parks, farms and carports, within the United States. EEPro manufactures its own UL-certified solar modules and has purchasing power for the components necessary to install complete systems at greatly reduced cost. The company advances sustainable solutions with simultaneous consideration for human beings, the environment and technology.

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