No Major Delays Despite Security 'Opt-Out Day'


Despite fears that backlash against new airport security measures would cause headaches for travelers, no major delays were reported at South Florida's airports Wednesday.

Protesters called Wednesday National Opt-Out Day, a grassroots effort that encourages travelers to turn down the invasive full-body scan and instead opt for a more time-consuming pat-down.

The controversy started when the full-body scanners were installed at airports across the country. Both Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International and Miami International airports have the machines in place.

Passenger Julian Dwyer was the only person Local 10 found who said he would not walk through the full-body screening machine at Miami International Airport.

"I'm sure everyone would rather have the radiation in them than someone's hands touching them. That may be the thing for me, too," Dwyer said.

Most passengers agreed that the machines and pat-downs are invasive, but none planned to participate in National Opt-Out Day.

"I do not have a problem with that. They need to do it," said passenger Mary Dwyer.

For now, there have been no reports of any problems in the security lines at either South Florida airport. Additional TSA screeners and police officers are on duty.

Bomb-sniffing dogs and trained officers were conducting spot checks at both the Fort Lauderdale and the Miami airport.

About 490,000 travelers are expected to fly through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in the next few days. About 100,000 were expected at MIA on Wednesday alone.

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