WindowSeat Tracks Your Flight as You Fly Without GPS or Network Connection

WindowSeat Tracks Your Flight as You Fly Without GPS or Network Connection

WindowSeat Tracks Your Flight as You Fly Without GPS or Network Connection

Track your flight as you fly without GPS or network connection

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PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With WindowSeat from Portland-based AppOven, LLC, air travelers in the continental U.S. can track their flights as they fly, learn more about places below them, and even share information with online friends and followers without needing GPS or a persistent network connection.

WindowSeat's simple interface, patent-pending technology, and affordability -- just $6.99 -- makes it a must-have for all air travelers. Upon entering departure and arrival airports, users can choose from one of five flight paths based on up-to-the-moment historical data between cities. Once they enter their wheel-up time, WindowSeat provides a view into the flight's location and tracks how much time remains.

During the flight, users can adjust the flight time, and the app will recalibrate the plane icon's location on the map. Users can also adjust the plane location, and WindowSeat will recalculate the remaining flight time. Once an adjustment is made, WindowSeat automatically calibrates the flight's speed.

Key app features include the ability to track all commercial flights throughout the continental U.S., regular updates to ensure greater accuracy to flight predictions, and the points-of-interest database that includes descriptions of landmarks and geographical areas users can learn about when they fly over. In addition, users can let their online friends and followers know about the points-of-interest they're flying over with a simple update to their Facebook and Twitter.

WindowSeat is available worldwide on the App Store:

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WindowSeat is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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