House Transportation Committee Approves FAA Bill

Legislation phases out EAS funding, does not include PFC increase

• Repeals unionization election rule changes implemented in May 2010 to again ensure that a majority of a workforce must vote in favor of union representation.

• Includes compromise language on slots at Reagan National Airport that increases beyond perimeter slots by 10 without increasing the total number of operations at the airport.

• The bill also omits controversial provisions that have stopped previous FAA bills from moving forward and becoming law: o Does not contain antitrust immunity sunset o Does not contain ban on cell phones o Does not contain PFC for bike storage at airports o Does not contain the controversial FedEx provision Note: the Committee also approved the following measures today:

• Committee resolution to reduce facility costs by consolidating National Gallery of Art and Federal Trade Commission operations in the District of Columbia,

• H.R. 690, Federal Trade Commission and National Gallery of Art Facility Consolidation, Savings and Efficiency Act of 2011,

• H.R. 362, to redesignate the Federal building and United States Courthouse located at 200 East Wall Street in Midland, Texas, as the “George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush United States Courthouse and George Mahon Federal Building,”

• H.R. 662, the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2011

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