Allegiant Air Considers Adding Fees For Carry-on Bags

New charges would start by summer if carrier adopts plan

--A decision still hasn't been reached on the end points of Hawaii service. "I don't know if we'll do anything out of Las Vegas, at least early on. Hawaiian (Airlines) has a lot of service in and out of Las Vegas, both in Honolulu and Maui. But we are going to target some of our small cities on the West Coast into Hawaii as well as some cities that today we don't serve at all."

--He was surprised by the competitive reaction from JetBlue and the fare war that erupted when Allegiant offered $20 fares to Long Beach, Calif., this year. "I thought with our limited ability to grow there, they'd probably simply ignore us. But they didn't, so they dropped fares to match us and then Southwest dropped fares in other airports in L.A. to match them, so we've really made travel to the L.A. Basin a bargain for everybody."

--The vote by Allegiant's flight attendants to have the Transport Workers Union as a collective bargaining agent brings a third party to the table -- a term the flight attendants and the union dispute. "There's no question they (the union) are a third party. ... While I'm certain that there will be Allegiant employees in the negotiating committee, I'm certain there will be other people that are not Allegiant employees. I think it's kind of silly to pretend that it's not a third party."

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