Pelton retires from Cessna

-- May 03--Jack Pelton, who took over as chief executive of Cessna Aircraft Co. on the heels of a recession and steered it to periods of record-breaking growth, retired from the business jet manufacturer Monday after nearly 11 years...

"But (I) know the pressures on all CEOs in today's world are immense," said Nichols, whose company is a Cessna dealer, parts distributor and reassembles Cessna's Skycatcher. "Cessna, like many aircraft companies have been trying to adjust to the downturn in the economy as fast as they can, and it is a very painful, yet deliberate process. Time is not necessarily your friend. Corporate boards, stockholders, and Wall Street as a whole are not a patient group of people."

Nichols said Pelton is young, and has a lot of energy, desire and knowledge still left to use in the aviation industry.

"I don't see him in retirement very long," Nichols said.

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