Minot Aero Center (MOT) Remains Open For Business

Minot Aero Center, located at Minot International Airport (KMOT), perseveres despite serious weather conditions causing record flooding in the Minot, ND area. Officials at MOT issued a statement Tuesday saying the airport, perched atop a hill on the north part of town, will remain fully operational.

"Our dedicated, 24 hour staff are prepared to service incoming traffic as we remain open for business with full amenities including line service, heated hangar space, catering, lodging arrangements and much more”, states Warren Pietsch, President of Pietsch Aircraft Restoration and Repair, Inc. DBA Minot Aero Center.

Co-located with U.S. Customs and centrally located on the North American continent, Minot Aero Center will also continue to offer 24 customs services during the flood as it is an ideal stop on the Great Circle Route for Canadian and transcontinental flights.

Air BP Aviation Services Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Steve McCullough comments, “We respect Minot Aero Center’s determination to not let the floods in the area impact their customers. Air BP Aviation Services, Warren Pietsch and airport management are working closely to make sure fuel supply is readily available."