Another Tear In The Airport Security Net

Stowaway boards flights with expired tickets

When the flight attendant approached Noibi two hours into the twin-jet Airbus A320 flight, Noibi produced a boarding pass for the day before. The attendant alerted Capt. Joseph Groff, who directed her to seek additional identification, according to the affidavit. Noibi initially hesitated but then produced a student ID from the University of Michigan. Noibi attended as an undergraduate student between 2006 and 2008, the college confirmed.

Groff noted that the names did not match, and the crew alerted authorities on the ground.

The crew kept the subject -- who was asleep for much of the flight-- under surveillance, but at no time felt there was any threat to the security of the flight, Condon said.

The five-hour, 23-minute flight landed in Los Angeles at 12:53 a.m. Saturday. Waiting officers let Noibi go after questioning him, and it's unclear how he spent his time in Southern California. But he returned to LAX on Tuesday, passed through security screening and waited for hours at the airport.

When he tried to board Delta Airlines Flight 46 to Atlanta using the expired ticket, authorities took him into custody Wednesday morning.

He tried to persuade Delta officials to let him on the plane, saying he had missed his flight the previous day. "The Delta agent told Noibi 'no' twice, and Noibi kept trying to hand her the boarding pass," the affidavit said.

Noibi, also known as Seun Noibi, proclaims himself a "storyteller, strategist and designer who is passionate about reaching the world for Jesus," according to his Facebook page. He was arrested in Chicago in 2008 after allegedly refusing to pay a $4.70 fare on a Metro train. Those charges were later dropped.

Noibi faces stowaway charges and is scheduled to appear in federal court Friday.

Los Angeles Times staff writers Richard Winton, Dan Weikel, Kate Mather and Andrew L. Wang contributed to this report.

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