Aggregate Industries is Setting the Standard for Sustainable Construction

Warm-mix asphalt technology is moving forward in Massachusetts

BOSTON , Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Aggregate Industries, a quality provider of environmentally responsible construction materials in the United States , is leading the effort to develop and provide sustainable building materials for the construction industry. With the production of products such as low-carbon ready-mix concrete, recycled materials, pervious pavements, and warm-mix asphalt the company is building a reputation as a provider of choice for sustainable building materials.

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Derek Young , Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility at Aggregate Industries stated, "Aggregate Industries believes it is important to promote the development of necessary standards needed to increase the amount of sustainable materials in the market and to educate the larger building community on the importance of changing the way we build. At Aggregate Industries we understand that the future of our industry is in the development of material and methods that will reduce our resource consumption and our carbon intensity and believe we can do that without sacrificing quality or economic success."

The Company's Northeast Region has been at the forefront of the development, marketing and sale of warm mix asphalt.

Through the development of Warm Mix Asphalt technology, Aggregate Industries Northeast Region has been successful in producing asphalt products which are sustainable in a number of ways. In its truest sense, warm mix technology has enabled us to produce materials at substantially lower temperatures than normal asphalt, thus significantly lowering our consumption of fossil fuels while simultaneously lowering emissions produced during production of these materials. In conjunction with these benefits, this technology has enabled us to produce hot mix asphalt that incorporates substantially higher levels of recycled asphalt product (RAP), and as a result, this reduces our consumption of virgin materials and the energy used to process them while being able to produce a material that yields characteristics similar to those produced with 100% virgin components.

Aggregate Industries has sold more then 80,000 tons of warm mix asphalt in 2008 in the Boston Metropolitan area, the home of the U.S. Green Building Council's 2008 Greenbuild Expo, on projects such as;

Logan Airport is the first FAA commercial airport in the United States to have used warm-mix asphalt in the paving of their runways and taxiways.

The continued development and utilization of this technology represents a significant innovation in asphalt paving and demonstrates our industry's commitment to providing sustainable solutions to the construction industry.

Roberto Huet , Senior Vice President, Northeast Region of Aggregate Industries stated, "We believe that after all the testing that has been done using warm mix asphalt in Massachusetts , there is an opportunity for the State to take the lead in greening our roads, by including warm mix asphalt in all future projects. It is a major opportunity to reduce costs, increase recycled products usage and reduce emissions."

SOURCE Aggregate Industries