Charlotte Airport chief slams TSA

Probe of teen stowaway at issue

In Orr's testimony Wednesday, the aviation director said he never heard from the TSA about what the airport should do. He said the TSA federal security director for Charlotte/Douglas International told Orr that the airport should launch its own probe.

"I questioned this recommendation," Orr said. "Why wouldn't the TSA take the lead?"

Orr added: "When there is a threat onboard an aircraft, the FBI responds and investigates. When there is an airplane crash, the NTSB responds and investigates. When a pilot makes an error on the airfield, the FAA responds and investigates."

The TSA's official position is that it has launched an investigation. Allen told the Observer Wednesday that its investigation is still ongoing, nearly eight months since the security breach.

Allen also released a letter Orr sent the TSA in May, in which Orr said he had a "cordial and cooperative" discussion with federal officials. "That was different from what we heard today," Allen said.

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