Airport Business

January/ Feb. 2003

Airport Business magazine is the most widely circulated and audited business publication that targets professionals who manage airports, airport-based businesses, and corporate flight facilities in North America. Its 17,000+ subscribers are critical to the safe operation of the North American air transportation system.

Published 8 times annually, Airport Business seeks to help these managers run their operations more effectively by sharing case studies of what others are doing successfully and by providing expert analysis, industry news, and product information.

HOT ISSUES Leaders discuss runway safety, funding, and security challenges


CONSISTENT ETHICS ICE director sees a role for ACI in ensuring fairness in the bid process

TIME TO DEREGULATE In a one on one interview, David Plavin calls for unleashing airports

'INTERESTING CROSSROADS' Out West, an FBO remains upbeat about the prospects for GA

Gauging DCA: Review of system operated by Allied Aviation at Reagan National

Avgas and jet fuel prices for Oct.-Nov. 2002


Inside the Fence

Ground Clutter