Aircraft Power Distribution Troubleshooting Event

Date: 03/13/13 10:00 AM CT - 03/14/13 5:00 PM CT

This event will challenge an AMT/AMEs ability to troubleshoot a General Aviation Power Distribution System. A total of 20 minutes will be given to accomplish this event. The AMTSociety will provide the judges for this event.

General Information

1. You will be required to identify faults in a General Aviation Power Distribution System and a Multi-Engine Power Distribution System within a specified time limit. Examples of the schematics are provided; however, the details of the schematics are subject to change.

2. The power distribution systems are generic in nature and include features found on several different types of aircraft.

3. Each fault will be described via a “pilot write up”.  Contestants should perform an operational check of the system to verify each fault.

4. Notify the event judge when you have identified the fault and a new write up will be provided. Nida Corporation will provide the judge for this event.

5. Multimeters will be provided; however, personal multimeters are authorized for use during the event.