Redstone College Wiring & Cannon Plug Event

Date: 03/13/13 10:00 AM CT - 03/14/13 5:00 PM CT

This two part event will test each team’s ability to troubleshoot wiring and to build a wire harness. For the first part, the team will be given a wiring diagram and a multimeter and be asked to troubleshoot defects in a wire harness. Standard wiring practices will be used in creating the new wire harness. The team will report the defects on a form provided by the event evaluator. For the second part of the event, the team will build a wire harness using provided wire, pins, electrical connectors, clamps, lacing cord, and special tools. All lacing will be a clove hitch and square knot as detailed in AC 43.13-1B, figure 11-7.  Lacing will be positioned 4 inches from each connector, and then every 6 inches. Once the harness is completed, the team will install the harness in a mock-up and the evaluator will apply power – if the power light illuminates, the harness was wired correctly. A total of 20-minutes will be allowed for the completion of both parts of this event. Redstone College will provide judges for this event.